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marys shell revisited fl&web

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The photographs in my MonoZone have all been taken within the last five years  when I had the courage to take a few tentative steps away from the security of bold colours into what, for me, was a completely new dimension. My aim is to work towards producing the sort of photographs I most enjoy looking at. Any comments/ critiques will be most welcomed by this enthusiastic amateur. I am very keen to learn.

Since retiring from work I have become a keen amateur photographer.  This site is an ongoing project and will be updated regularly to reflect my progress in monochrome photography and latest observations.

Most of the images displayed have been taken using either a Fuji x100s or a Fuji xPro 1 as these can be easily carried around everywhere, with occasional use of with a Canon 7d. I generally shoot in colour and in RAW and convert to monochrome using Photoshop CS6 and recently Nik Silver Efex. This Nik plug-in is new to me and so I would be grateful for any help offered in the form of comments or critiques ( or lessons!).  Compliments are also graciously received and acknowledged!


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Helen M Bushe

Monozone 2015

(since writing this I’ve started using my iPhone to take photographs too)

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